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"Truth is not in what happens but in what it tells us about who we are."

Neil Gaiman



I am a Clinical Psychologist in Somerset West and Stellenbosch. I offer long-term psychotherapy to individual adults. I also provide group therapy to young adults.


If you are visiting this website, you may be considering going into therapy or you may be looking for a therapist. These are processes that may involve a lot of consideration. I hope that this website can provide you with some basic information about me and my approach to therapy that can help get this process started.

Sean Willoughby Clinical Psychologist
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My approach to therapy is predominantly informed by psychoanalytic thinking. In short this approach views the various problems that bring people to therapy as originating in aspects of their experience that are outside of conscious awareness but exert an influence on their lives. We all unconsciously respond to our environments; this a a normal part of everyday life. At times however, these unconscious responses begin to function in ways that are no longer helpful and that leave us stuck in repetitive patterns that are detrimental or distressing to us. The patient and therapist therefore work together together to bring those unconscious patterns into conscious awareness.


This kind of therapy also views each person’s difficulties as unique in their origin and therefore in how they are addressed in therapy. That is, your therapy is unique to you and there is no “one-size-fits-all approach”. This does mean that the therapy is an ongoing process, over many months in which we work together to develop an in-depth sense of your characteristic ways of processing emotions, relating to others, and engaging in the world in general.


Through a continued process of paying close attention to your conversation, your particular unconscious process can begin to emerge and be brought into awareness. The long-term aim is that this awareness translates to living life more freely and mindfully, less bound by the automatic ways of responding that had become problematic.

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To get in touch, please phone me on 0642986459 or email me at (please include your full name and phone number in the message.)


37 Mark St, Stellenbosch Central

32 Bright St, Somerset West

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