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"Words are never 'only words'; they matter because they define the contours of what we can do."

Slavoj Žižek



I am a Clinical Psychologist practicing in the Norwood Therapy Centre, Johannesburg. I offer therapy to individual adults and adolescents, as well as play therapy for children


If you are visiting this website, you may be considering going into therapy or you may be looking for a therapist. These are processes that may involve a lot of consideration. I hope that this website can provide you with some basic information about me and my approach to therapy that can help get this process started.


Online Therapy

We live in a world in which change is rapid, and there is a need for alternatives formats for therapy. Although my preference is still to meet people in person, I have found that online therapy works well for times when this is not possible. It is different and does take some getting used to (click here for some useful information), but allows for meaningful work to be done. This is particularly the case now due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to implement social distancing practices all the while trying to get on with our lives.


Under these circumstances, I am providing session online through video call. In doing so, I adhere to guidelines set out by the South African Health Professions Council when using these technologies, assuring as best I can the confidentiality and safety of the therapeutic process. You are welcome to contact me to find out more.



People may go into therapy for widely varied reasons. (For an introduction to what psychotherapy in general is about, click here.)

Examples, amongst many others, include:

  • A desire for greater self-understanding

  • Difficulties with relationships,

  • Dealing with change,

  • Having experienced a traumatic event,

  • Difficulties with overwhelming emotions,

  • Help in coping with a “psychological disorder”



Please contact me directly to find out about my fees.



To get in touch, please send me and email (you can use the form below) or phone me on 0642986459.

The Norwood Therapy Centre,

115 William Rd, Norwood, Johannesburg, 2192



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